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Agents of SHield

Post by Unit7 on Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:38 pm

Agents of Shield.

I have to admit I wasn’t even sure I was going to watch this show. But since my Tuesday night’s usual shows are MIA at the moment… and one having moved to a different night I thought what the hell. Why not. Then I thought. What the hell am I thinking? Of course I gotta check it out.

Once again I find myself wanting to meet the guy who came up with the idea to do the Avengers like this. Starting off with separate superhero movies for the bigger named characters, interconnecting them the way they have. Why has no one thought of bringing the actual universe to the big screen, and now the small screen, to life? Before it was always individual movies done by completely different studios. It sucks that we will probably never see Spiderman thrown into this… damn you Sony! Uh… sorry Spiderman was always one of my favorites.

Agents of Shield takes place what I assume is sometime after Iron Man 3 simply because of… Extremis… ss that the name of the substance from Iron Man 3 that the bad guys used? Anyways it follows Coulson and a new branch of SHIELD called I think Level 7…. *cough*shouldhavecalleditUnit*cough* though that just might be the security clearance and nothing else. That deal with well the worlds realization that there are Superheros out there. I assume it’s going to be a combination of Superhero/Villain of the Week and Big Bad Organization who funds various projects of questionable repute such as the one we see in the premiere.
Either way I am looking forward to what’s in store down the line.

I guess it was a theory that Coulson didn’t die at the end of Avengers. Not sure where I got that from I just remember someone mentioning that it was questionable. Either way when he stepped out of the shadows(to bad the commercial’s ruined that for me) I was excited.

I can’t say what it was about this character that I enjoyed. In the first Iron Man movie he was just in a few scenes being mocked(I think) for his organization’s name. I don’t actually remember him from any of the other movies at this very moment but I did enjoy him in Avengers and was sad when he died.

But if there was ever a doubt as to why I enjoy him so much, it’s been erased. He borders on a excited fanboy about everything that is going on and downright scary. The way he went from sort of a well excited fanboy(seriously I can’t think of the right word for it atm) and then being angry when told that the only option was to kill the man was great.

Also what is up with Tahiti? Well I think that was where he supposedly went. I guess maybe he really wasn’t dead for the 8 seconds he was told might not be as accurate. I wonder what happened to him. Should be interesting. Oh and I had a odd thought. If there was ever to be an American Doctor Who… I think this actor could pull it off. Yeah odd thought but he did remind me of a bit of the Doctor. Actually is Coulson even his name? I… am unsure. lol

Sky. I think that was her name. The hacker chick. She seems like a fun character. The part where she was on the well I guess a podcast… I mean for some reason I thought it was a radio at first but thinking back that just doesn’t make much sense. Anyways she was talking about or well hinting that SHIELD would never see their faces and then Coulson opens the van door and is like “Oh hello”(not actual dialogue but still)

The two tech peoples. I like them. For some reason I just can’t remember their names. Fritz I think and something else. I do know that together it sounded like a full name/ I think. But their quick dialogue between each other is promising to be fun I think.

OH! That gun they were working on when they were first introduced… when there was that Harry Potter reference. For some reason until just now as I was going to mention said reference I hadn’t put two and two together. I should have known better. I mean it’s a classic Chekovs(sp) gun! Thing.


Everything about this show so far has been great. A great blend of action and humor. It’s definitely different then the usual shows we get here in America. Seriously about a week or so ago I just realized how jealous I was of Japan and their anime. I mean not all of it’s great or something I would be interested in but at least they have a nice variety of genres they explore.
Yeah. This show is going to be great. Heres hoping I am proven right. Very Happy


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Re: Agents of SHield

Post by Rex on Thu Sep 26, 2013 9:18 am

I was actually kinda underwhelmed. Mostly because I expected much more. Especially from the cast. Don't me wrong they are good but not the usual Whedon good. Still I hope they win me over in time

I think the guy was Kevin Feige. He is the Big Man and the master mind behind it all

How can remember Coulson!? He was everywhere. Son of Coul, the after credit scenes dude the one shot! Didn't you see the one shot. Here it is

I am guessing this will be the season finale mystery. Did Coulson really survive or not? So many possibilities. Him being a clone,a robot, something magical(maybe Thor?)

In any case I can't wait to see.

And I must say while the rest of cast didn't really impress me I loved the bad ass pilot chick. I can't wait to see more of her

And of course I almost squealed when I saw Book!


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