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Post by Unit7 on Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:41 am

So I watched Revolution. From comments I have seen... I feel like I am the only one who actually enjoyed the pilot. Which gives me some doubts that this show will soon be seeing the Cancel Heaven. At leat it will be in good company.

The basic premise is that for some strange and bizare reason all electricity has stopped working. Cell phones, cars, batteries, ipads, i everything, just stoped working. The only explination, given by Aaron, is that physics went haywire.

Now I think a lot of the problem people have is trying to buy into this new world. Why has it even taken 15 years for us to bring back the electricity? I mean it's not like all the scientist and engineers suddenly went brain dead. For those who seem to question this must go back to Aaron. Parts of what we know about Physics have been rewritten or just out of whack. Whatever caused the Blackout makes it impossible for such things to work.

Then of course there are the guns. I suppose in America alone we probably have enough guns and ammo to last a long time. But could they actually manufacture more ammunition for most of them? Though seeing them using musket like weapons did seem off.

But I have a simple theory about that. What remains of the ammunition was either used up during the Government's fall or being hoarded by various Malitia groups like Monroe's. Most Militia groups would have outlawed gun ownership to the public. Making it similar to Monroe's. Hanging. The past 15 years would have been bloody.

In fact... most of the weapons and their ammo would be treated somewhat like Nuclear Weapons. A deterrent. Used only when you absolutely need them.

Now my biggest complaint so far... why does Charlie favor the Crossbow? Now I admit I have never been very fond of the crossbow. Take the ending for example where Charlie was cornered and had to block with the crossbow. She tried reloading but failed to do so with time to take aim. Yup. Thats my big complaint.

Well wait. Actually it's not. I was a tad annoyed that Archer Boy seemed to save her life twice. While I see it may have been necessary. Either to establish he isn't entirely with Monroe or just has a crush on Charlie. That and to show that she has much to learn or something. I dunno. Just sorta... annoyed me.

Although I am hoping that Charlies Brother is rescued soon. I really am not looking forward to that being drawn out.

Uncle Miles was a bad ass though. I just loved that whole fight scene.

Though I suppose the show was full of some rather big cliches... It's funny. I really do think I turn off part of my mind when I watch TV without realizing it. Because I rarely noticed it. I suppose I am just used to things not being entirely original and just accept it.

Also... none of the dialogue bothered me either. I read some complaints about it and I just didn't really notice.

Well. Even if this show is doomed to fail... though I could be wrong. I thought the same about Revenge. Anyways. If this show is doomed to fail I'll just hope I get one good season out of it. If only because its nice to see something other then a medical show or crime show.

Speaking of which. I also caught the first thirty minutes of The Mob Doctor. Interesting premise... I guess. Not sureif I'll continue watching though. Didn't really impress me much. But I'll talk more about that in a different thread.

Back to Revolution. Definitely going to continue watching. I thought it was good. Maybe it could have been better but I enjoyed it.


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Re: Revolution

Post by Rex on Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:22 am

I liked t as well although I admit the only reason I gave it a chance was because of Elizabeth Mitchell

Indeed. I am curious to see if it's just electricity. I hope it's not and it affects more stuff because the gun thing is a really weak point. Making bullets is really not that hard and the whole going back to muskets thing doesn't seem to make sense.

True. A bow would make more sense but I am guessing crossbows are easier to aim. She probably mostly uses it for hunting since the militia protects their village so she is not used to more practical weapons

Yeah. I wish they had gotten a better actor for her boyfriend/savior. This guys just seems kinda flat

Agreed. I want at least a solid season. Hey if Terra Nova can get a season why not this?

P.S Revenge is coming back soon Smile

Gotta check out this mob doctor

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