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Point Pleasant

Post by Rex on Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:42 am

Online streaming - http://www.1channel.ch/watch-10756-Point-Pleasant

Summary - A young girl named Christina washes up on the shore near Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey during a violent storm. After being resuscitated by lifeguard Jesse Parker, the girl is taken in by the family of a local doctor, the Kramers, and quickly befriends their teenage daughter, Judy. The show follows Christina's attempts to discover who she really is, and to learn what happened to her mother, who disappeared shortly after Christina was born.

But it's not just a a good old amnesia story . Chaos follows Christina everywhere. The whole thing begins to erupt in death, violence, insanity, unexplainable events and sometimes even miracle albeit quite dark ones

Now while this is a really good show and I recommend it to everybody I must warn you that it's only 13 episodes long since it was cancelled. BUT the story at least the main one gets resolved by the end so no worry Smile

P.S It also has very pretty girls
P.S.S For the ladies Jon Hamm is in it


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