Covert Affairs.

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Covert Affairs.

Post by Unit7 on Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:33 pm

So I just got caught up with the latest season of Covert Affairs and I am really enjoying it. Though I do have some minor complaints.

For starters I was sad to see that Auggies relationship with that one chick fall apart. While I was always hoping for Annie and Auggie to you know get together. It was still hard to see Auggie being crushed like that. Sad

Oh and just to get this out of the way. Piper Perabo is still amazing as ever. Seriously her smile is just amazing along with her acting. I really hope Covert Affairs suffers from "should have been cancelled twenty years ago" syndrome. Razz

I was also happy to see them add a story arch into the mix. I always prefer one rather then just a stand alone episode format. It's nice to see a storyline evolve over a series. Keeps me coming back for more and encourages me to actually keep up.

My only downside other then the Annie Simon relationship there really hasn't been much of a storyline. Not that I haven't enjoyed that... but the first episode starts off with a bang and then it wasn't until the last couple episodes that Jai's murder was even touched and that happened in the first episode.

Now maybe I wasn't paying attention but was there any build up towards Jay's death? It just sorta feels like they should have saved it for a couple of episodes later. Introduce Jai, a normally confident man, as someone who is paranoid. All seemed a bit rushed for my liking. But then again I do understand wanting to start a season off with a big bang.

As for Lena... I never trusted her. I knew she was bad the second she walked onto the stage. Though looking at the actress's IMDB I should have guessed!(I knew she looked familiar. Just couldn't place it) Then again considering Joan's dislike for Lena it sorta seems way to obvious.

I am pretty sure I have forgotten some stuff. Oh well.

Anyways next weeks episode looks like it's going to be amazing. I am always up for a good episode revolving around a surreal near death dream experience. Auggie will probably be fighting to try and protect Annie's reputation.

But how will it end? I know! Annie will come out and she will be on the run and find herself down in Central America... Seriously USA Network get on that crossover.

One last thing. I wonder if we will ever see that Jamming device in action. Then again what with it's discovery the whole thing has probably been dismantled by CIA operatives... actually sorta reminded me of that big dish thing in Golden Eye... where you know Sean Bean fell to his death. Maybe it was just a distraction. You know 'Oh look over here this could be very dangerous!" meanwhile trying to cover something else up.


Either way. Still loving Covert Affairs.


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