For Some Reason Thought It was the 8th

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For Some Reason Thought It was the 8th

Post by Unit7 on Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:28 am

Most days I am unaware of what day it is. Usually I know but I am not surprised to learn that it's actually a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday. When it comes to the exact date? I almost never have an idea. Unless there is some big event I am aware of... like say The premier of The Dark Knight Rises.

So. Just a bit ago I thought I read that it was the 8th of August. I guess I missread my computer clock. At first I didn't think twice about it. Of course trying to figure out how exactly the 12th was going to land on a Sunday struck me as odd. At first I thought I had heard the annoucement wrong. Fair enough... and then I got to thinking.

If today was the 8th... where the hell did the other seven days go? Last I remember I was waiting for an update to Minecraft which was on the first. I thought for a little while I had lost 7 days without a single clue as to where they went. I couldn't remember.

Which meant either A) I somehow Time Traveled without realizing it... B) I blacked out during those days and apparently didn't do anything exciting. or C) My clock was somehow wrong.

Which to be fair to C. Seemed to be more plausable. Earlier today... or yesterday... I could have sworn I read that the clock said 1:20. Which didn't seem to odd. Of course then a half our later or so it was 1:02. Again. I was really rooting for option A. Not so much option B.

But at the end of the day... or is it the beginging? Damnit.

I think I just need glasses. That or to actually learn to read. Of course if it was the latter... Then I wonder. How on earth could I even write this. o.O

and yes. I am bored. Smile


Sometimes, late at night, I sit here and I wonder. The things I wonder vary from night to night. Sometimes I wonder about the stars and other nights I wonder about what tomorrow will be like. But recently I have been wondering what my life would have been like without you...-Samantha Greene
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