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Post by Rex on Thu May 24, 2012 12:25 pm


I had heard about the show Everwood before but I never gave it a chance. Now I decided to check out because it stars Emily VanCamp( Emily from Revenge). I thought I would just check out a few episodes but it hooked me in. It's a surprisingly good tv show

The premise is this. It revolves around Doctor Andy Brown. One of the best if not the best neuro surgeons in the world. A true genius and a workaholic who prefers to spend his time operating on kings and billionaires then on his own family. This all changes when his wife dies in a car accident. devastated by the loss he realizes that he needs to change his life and get to know his kids so he abandons his brilliant carrer in N.Y and moves to Everwood aka a small town in the middle of nowhere to become a family doctor. Along with him are his little daughter Delia and Ephrem a teenager/piano prodigy who despises his father and who of course falls for Amy( aka Emily from Revenge) a beautiful both on the inside and outside girl who befriends him

The series follows quite well the ups and down of the family and has some truly outstanding incredibly well developed and sympathetic supporting characters. And most of all it handles the story well and realistically without going overboard on the drama just for the sake of drama like so many shows tend to do. In fact some of the juiciest dramatic moments that other shows love to exploit and often solved off screen

Anyway the series is very good. And if you want an even better motivation not only is the lovely Emily apart from this show

but we also have a great and significant story line with Sarah Lancaster aka Ellie from Chuck!


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Re: Everwood

Post by Unit7 on Thu May 24, 2012 3:03 pm

Oh I loved Everwood. Been awhile since I watched the series though. I agree with everything. I loved just about every character in this series. They felt real and they didn't go over board with a lot of the drama. I mean drama is great but some shows tend to take it to extremes.

I really loved the rivalry between Andy and Emily's father. Who I can't quite remember his name.

I think the one reason I was eager to watch Revenge was actually for Emily VanCamp. lol


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