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Post by Unit7 on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:53 am

Touch is about a 10 year old boy who does not speak and can't communicate with the world like the rest of us. He sees the Universe in a way the rest of the world, aside from the people like him, can't. He sees how everything and everyone is connected through numbers. His father(played by Keifer Sutherland) knows that the seemingly random numbers his son gives him mean something. They are important to fixing a disturbance in the world. The son senses/feels these disturbances and knows how to correct them.

The plot and concept of the series is one that I truly enjoy. The Ripple Effect. Small actions creating a ripple effect through the world to lead up to one moment or event. One which without that first action could throw everything off and two people who should have met instead pass each other on the street.

In each episode the Dad(I don't know his name atm) recieves a random number from his Son. The father then has to figure out exactly what these numbers mean and what he is supposed to do. Everytime he does try and figure out what these numbers mean he ends up helping or saving someone.

There are also a side story to each episode about these random people. It's not until the very end do you see how these characters effect other characters lives indirectly and sometimes from across the world. The main storyline also tends to crossover with the sidestory, even in a small way. But even the small ways could potentially change things.

The show is definitely unique and not sure how well the series will do. But I am going to enjoy every episode. well hopefully. I mean it's not like you actually want to expect bad episodes. Razz

I'd say its worth giving a chance. Smile


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