Behind Locked Doors: Part 3

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Behind Locked Doors: Part 3

Post by secret_life8 on Tue Jun 07, 2011 5:45 pm

3. Lucy

Lucy set down her stuffed animals and looked out the window from her bed. She was still happy that she had the chance to see Emily in the morning. Outside, she saw a tree with beautifully colored leaves against the clear sky. It was so pretty. Suddenly, Lucy saw herself in front of the window. She was wearing a torn blue dress. The blood from her wrists spilled onto the floor. Lucy began to hyperventilate. She looked around the room for something sharp. She needed to defend herself. Of course, there was nothing sharp in her room!

Thinking quickly, Lucy grabbed her sheets and wrapped them around the ceiling fan. In order to do that she stood on a chair in the center of the room. She knotted them up tight. Lucy glanced over her shoulders as she hurried. She was moving too slow. “Help,” Lucy screamed. She needed some backup. She needed to protect herself.

Lucy began to climb up the sheets, trying to get to safety above the lamp. The sheets were not working however. Lucy knotted the sheets at the bottom to form a step that she could climb. Time had run out, however, and the blood-covered version of her came up and walked into her skin. She was inside of her. She needed to get this evil version out of herself. She slipped her head into the opening the knot had formed at the bottom of the sheets. Then she knocked over the chair as she hung there for a second with her eyes closed.

The nurses forced Lucy’s door open. They rushed in and pulled Lucy from her noose. Lucy began kicking and screaming. They did not understand. She had to do this. She fought them. She punched a nurse and then tried to stand up. The other nurse ran out of the room. Lucy made a break for it. She ran out of her room to the elevator. She was slamming on the metal barrier, not even pressing the button to summon the elevator. The nurse who had left the room suddenly appeared with help.

“Calm down,” a man nurse named Derek said.

“I have to get her out of me,” Lucy screamed. She could feel her blood pulsing in her veins. She could feel herself inside of her, killing her. Lucy began clawing at her skin. The red lines formed on her arms. The nurses grabbed Lucy’s arms, but she put up a fight. One of the nurses moved in. He took the needle in his hand and sedated Lucy in her right arm. Lucy’s arms slowly stopped fighting. She began to fall to the ground, but the nurses caught her.

“Take her back to her room,” Derek instructed. “Tie down her arms and legs to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself. And someone clip those nails.”

The nurses lifted Lucy and followed his instructions. When she was outside of her room, Lucy closed her eyes, no longer able to put up with the tranquilizer’s affect.

Lucy woke up hours later. She squinted with her eyes and crinkled her nose as she came to. Two nurses were sitting in her room, supervising her. She went to see what the pain on her arms was when she discovered she could not move them. Lucy lifted up her head and then saw the brown leather straps that pinned her arms and legs to the bed.

“It is all over now,” Jackie said as she sat in the corner of the room. “Go back to sleep. It is all over now.”

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Re: Behind Locked Doors: Part 3

Post by Soap on Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:33 pm


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