Writing Game Start

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Writing Game Start

Post by secret_life8 on Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:06 pm

A red, double-decker bus drove past as Amy Loeffler trudged to the top of the Underground’s steps. Pausing at the top, Amy took a deep breath and calmed her racing heart. She glanced over to her right and saw, as usual, a plethora of tourists wandering and taking photos in Piccadilly Circus. The Circus looked the same as it did every day at three o’clock. British flags hung above the streets, large New-York-City-like advertisements lined the buildings, and traffic moved slowly. Looking to her left, she saw the familiar road of the theatre. Amy tucked a piece of flyaway hair behind her ear as she walked gracefully on the theatre’s street.
The theatre sat on the corner across from the famous pub Waterloo. The pub was plagued with signs planning a party to celebrate the royal wedding. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage, being only ten days away, brought about many advertisements for the pubs in the area. Light pink signs named the show currently running at the theatre- Grease is still the word, or simply Grease. Pictures from the musical lined the pink panels on the building; the photos shown had been taken during various scenes of the performance.
Amy was drawn to the photo of Pinky. Pinky, a character unsure of her life, had pink curly hair and seemed confident in whom she was, although secretly needed some help from ‘the angels’ in the second act. Her costume of bright colors showed that she felt comfortable with herself. Pinky smiled in the photo, looking happy and pleasant.
Beneath the picture, however, there was an announcement posted by the theatre’s management. Amy read the words again and could hear her boss’ voice as she read. The role of Pinky, starting 19 April, will be played by Melissa McGregor while Amy Loeffler takes a temporary leave. That was it. A manifesto had not been written about her break, but management had simply used the term ‘temporary leave.’

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