Starting Over In a Familiar World

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Starting Over In a Familiar World

Post by Unit7 on Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:47 am

So while playing minecraft I tried to go into full screen mode. Now maybe its because some karma punishment thing for being a pirate finally caught up to me or perhaps my computer just sucks. Either way instead of going into full screen mode it froze up my computer. Not only that but when I restarted and got back into minecraft my save file was no longer available. I even went into my save folder and found that it was infact still there the 'Unit7's Paradise' was actually sitting comfortablly in the saves folder. But when I went back into Minecraft... nope not there!!

*sigh* Its just not fair. I mean come on! Sad

You know what the worst part about this? Aside from placing a whats probably thousands of rail tracks(which takes tons of iron btw) is that I had considered backing up my save file and blowing my houses up with TNT.

But guess what? I never went ahead with this. I never even bothered to back up my save file just incase I decided to blow everything up.

So while backing up my world was on my mind. I never even considered actually doing it.

Luckily thanks to a new feature I can use the same map. The same day I created the map I had made a second one with the same seed. Was even lucky enough to get the same spawn point.

So while I can completely start fresh in the same world, meaning I know where I want to build and stuff.

It just really sucks I have to do all of it over again.



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