So, the band concert tonight?

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So, the band concert tonight?

Post by Malletmusic17 on Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:43 pm

Well. I didn’t want to be there anyway.

but, Chamber did pretty good. not our best by a long shot, but still pretty good.

Wind Ensemble sounded pretty good. honestly, I didn’t do my best. but we still sounded pretty good.

now, I have been feeling off ever since what all went down on tuesday. tonight I started getting this mild headache. nothing major. but by the time we went on for Morning Alleluias my head was pounding.

durring Hymm of the Hylands, I have to go to the chimes to play a few notes. when I walked over, I felt really lightheaded and missed my cues. when I walked back over to the xylophone, I almost passed out. my vision went out and I was really dizzy and lightheaded.

I took left earlier than I needed to. I had to leave early afterwards anyway but I told Nikki (our principal player, basically the head percussionist even though she's younger than me) I had to leave about 5 minutes prior because I could hardly stand up.

I just took two advil. I feel awful :/
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