Weird Dream?

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Weird Dream?

Post by Malletmusic17 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:55 pm

So, I was gonna post this the other day, aka Sunday, but Tumblr was down and thats where I had posted it. so here for your reading pleasure, my completely effed up dream.

I just woke up from the WEIRDEST dream.
it was COMPLETLY effed up too.
but before I start, a little history. I sleep with a TV on, and last night I had on Nightmare Before Christmas like I have for the past week. Also, a bunch of kids from Forge went to IHOP after the Christmas parade at like 8:30 last night and ate dinner. I had to drive the two home who were in my dream.
its gonna be long, so bear with me.

It starts out in a parking lot with a bunch of kids I know, mostly band kids. and We’re talking about how we are going back to Europe and they are joking around with me because I go rid of all my Europe stuff I took with me the first time saying “well didnt you know you were going back to Europe?” it was kinda funny.

so we are driving. (thats the part I woke up at earlier because of my internal body clock, so then it picks up with this)

we arrive at a weird restaurant thing with a few floors in a foreign country. my friends Christian and Justine are with me. we REALLY have to go to the bathroom, so we run around this HUGE place making it a game to find the bathroom. when we finally do we go inside (in respective bathrooms of course) and the floor is covered with, uh, bodily fluids. completely nasty. and the attendant, you know, directs us to our own toilets.

(another blank in my memory…)

then we are at a theme-park -esk place, but at the beginning there is a building and it looks almost exactly like the restaurant place. a big, open, concrete building. almost like a structure for a 2 floor building, just open.

so we go inside that. It is a roller-coaster. and so (it was Halloween (I had Nightmare Before Christmas playing on my TV while I was sleeping, mustve had something to do with it…)) there is this BIG sign with a pumpkin. the inside of the building was very nice, yellow but not to yellow walls. nice and pretty red carpet. there were two tracks for one coaster (IE: it was two themes, that both ran on the same track with a push of a button) we road the Green on first, that was the non scary one. there was a lady sitting next to me with four kids on the ride. (I don’t remember anything about the ride itself.)

then we get off and it’s starting to get dark, so we decide to ride the red one.
we get on and this lady has her maybe 7 year old daughter and is telling the attendant “I’m gonna pass out” and when asked if shes okay, she replies “I’m fine.” we pass by the controller booth (where it changes the theme) and go up a corner type of gentle hill.

then, instead of it being fast, its super slow. we go through this creepy and very very scary “house” with all sorts of stuff being thrown at us by the characters, and it was real stuff not 3d crap. I end up of the coaster somehow on both times with my 2 friends, but this time was especially creepy.

there was a character and he looks like Johnny Deep. He was trying to kill me, why though I don’t remember. the first time, I was in a room with a half-glass door, hiding. I don’t remember how I got out. The second time I was in a room, the same room, but with a full glass door and a handle. he tried to get in forcefully and I slammed the door in his abdomen, pirecing it and causing him much pain. he staggered into the room and slumped on the bed. So I hit him with a drum stick, of its origin I have no clue, and his “mask” comes off to show a marshmallow-shaped face, like a really big marshmallow. and it was hard, so therefore it was not a marshmallow. it still has black, beady eyes. and he begins to bleed purple, onto the drumstick I had beaten him with.
I walk out, scared but in a way happy, though I’m not sure why. I meet back up with Christian and Justine, though they seemed just fine.

we begin to walk down the track to get out, since the car was no-where in sight. it was a dark tunnel. we get towards the bottom and it appears to be in a shopping mall type of place. I remember hearing on the TV placed about the track what the news anchor said. It was a CNN News anchor, blonde, and she said “President Obama has looked into these ‘roller-coasters’ as a means of transportation throughout the United States” and it showed a picture of where we were standing.

we get to the station and look where we were walking, the track was getting thinner and we could see water about 50 feet below us. where the track would chage, it would say things like “ending music” or “ending elemental effects.”

we finally got to the net underneath the track by the station, people were looking at us weird, and we climbed up. they wanted to go in the park and I had a flashback of the character who had tried to kill me. I scream bloody murder.
that’s where I woke up.
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Re: Weird Dream?

Post by Hannah_Banana222 on Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:06 pm

So would you consider it a nightmare? Like did you wake up scared? Because just reading it, it's kinda funny... Weird how different things are when you're awake though.

Maybe it was a premonition. Stay away from amusement parks!! Razz
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