It's not often that I am left astounded by the pure genius....

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It's not often that I am left astounded by the pure genius....

Post by Rex on Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:15 pm

(yeah I know this is the wrong forum but I thought we could keep it here for a day or two cause the media forum is so very lonely)

but with the show Misfits this has definitely been the case. I keep expecting it to start sucking one of these days but even thought we are already in the middle of the second season the show is absolutely brilliant and keeps getting better and better. The acting is superb, each of our heroes has a strong and interesting personality which somehow manages to dodge the usual stereotypes but what shines the most is the pure genius of the writing.

You can literally see the characters growing before your eyes in a completely natural and sometimes even unpredictable ways while still staying true to who they are. And the various story lines are handled better then in every other show I have ever seen. Despite the fact that the show is centered around the powers they come only second to the strength of the characters. Hell most of the characters don't even use their powers. And the usual cliche story lines like for example finding family you never knew about, something which you can't imagine being resolved in any satisfying ways in anything less then a couple of episodes can be handled brilliantly in just 40 minutes and with a truly great emotional impact.

And the best part if the perfect combination of humor and drama and the way the usual superpowers are presented in an interesting and original way. Truly superb!

Honestly I truly and highly recommended this show to everybody:


Another show which I am impressed with is The Walking Dead. I can actually see it having a future which I wouldn't have thought about a zombie show

And for not but not least No Ordinary Family. The amazing part about this show is...that's not actually that good. The writing is mediocre ,so is the acting, the action and the special effects are equally mediocre, the characters are not overtly impressive especially the kids the smaller one of which is a brat and the bigger one looking like an Amanda(KXY) knockoff but even more annoying. About the only truly excellent thing about is is Julie Benz. But then again you can never go wrong with someone who looks like this :

And yet despite all of this things going against it's somehow manages to use everything it has to it's maximum potential making an actually fun show. Not very good but enjoyable. I am surprised to say that I actually am looking forward to seeing it each week

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