The Black Cat: Parts 1-5

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The Black Cat: Parts 1-5

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Artemis's light steps made only the slightest of whispers as she strolled through dead streets of Parian. As the moon rose above the cities palace, she could feel the excitement of her job fluttering in her very heart. Her mentor had told her that the excitement and thrill of the game would lose its luster, and ultimately become a thorn in your side. She was wrong, as she became one with the night and the shadows, the passion of her job only roared stronger.

Artemis paused for a moment, a movement in the shadows catching her attention. She placed her hands on the hilts of her long daggers, each blade covered in a sinister poison, how she longed to feel the cold metal of her weapons of choice, but the night was cold. Numb hands make for a dead assassin. She examined the shadows for a moment, and when she felt the danger had passed she pulled the cowl of her cloak over her head, a devilish smile coming across her face as the memories of her last visit to the great city of Parian. Before continuing on her way, she scanned the darkness one last time, satisfied she broke in a brisk walk, her black cloak flapping silently behind her.

She knew the streets of Parian much like she knew the majority of the cities of the Empire. Her mentor had beaten the need to know everything about a city into her. Forcing her to find paths where there were none. When she failed an exercise she was beaten mercilessly. The word failure does not belong in the Assassin's Dictionary, as she would tell her. When Artemis found herself at a dead end, she knew something was wrong. She spun around, both weapons in her hands ready for battle. For the first time since those long hours at the mercy of her mentor, she knew true fear. She expected guards by the hordes to have swarmed in on her, yet there was no one. Except for a single black cat, slinking its way into the dead end. It hunched low to the ground, and jumped onto a nearby barrel. The cat then turned its head towards Artemis and blinked, and chills danced along her spine.

“Scram!” Artemis shouted at the cat, who just tilted its head and blinked. Artemis sheathed one of her blades and produced a small throwing dagger. The cat meowed and swatted the air before it, as if trying to shoo a fly away. Goose flesh raced through her. “No...” Artemis whispered into the cold night. She threw the throwing dagger at the cat, who simply jumped out of its way. It walked in a circle before plopping down on the ground. Artemis fell back a step, no question about it.
Artemis ran out of the alley, past the black cat, and away from her target. When she came to a stop, just outside the Parian Palace, she considered turning herself in. She knew her client would probably hunt her down, but it was better then facing... she shook the thought from her mind. She turned to face the Palace and stared up at its tall spires, and dome roof. She considered breaking in, simply to calm her mind. Just as two sentries were making their way towards her, she had slipped into the shadows. She wandered the streets, the client would have preferred for the hit to be tonight, yet she wondered if she could pull it off.

She found another dead end. She examined the area for a moment and created small traps. Once satisfied she placed her back against the stone wall and fell into a deep meditation. She would have to receive a dock in her and forfeit the bonus, but she couldn't pull it off tonight, not with her in town.

Part 2

As the morning sun peaked over the eastern horizon, Artemis woke from her meditation. She slowly opened her eyes, revealing her dull grey eyes. She scanned the hidden traps, each one still intact, ready for their job. Artemis pushed off from the stone wall, propelling her onto her feet and she quickly left the alley avoiding her traps. She considered for a moment to dismantle them, but then dismissed it. Let whoever comes across her surprise deal with it.
The streets of Parian were bustling with people. The abandoned merchant stands and beggars resuming their daily routine. Several times her well trained eyes caught the subtle movement of a thief ready to strike. A side of her wanted to them to try and pick pocket her. She knew none of the thieves would attempt it, not to a women wearing leather armor, and a traveling cloak. She let out a soft sigh and returned her thoughts to the task at hand.
From the folds of her cloak she produced a small scroll, tied with a forest green ribbon. She pulled the knot apart and slowly unrolled the parchment. A rough sketch of her target came into view, a general map of his location, and the details of security. The whole thing smelled of an inside job, but it was not her problem. She turned the corner and entered a lesser street, a residential area. She thought. Her grey eyes darted from building to building. A part of her wanted to believe it was to update her knowledge of the town, but she knew the truth. She was looking for that damned cat. How could she have followed her here? She should be dead, her bones being used to pick the teeth of some troll.

Artemis made another turn into a alley. She unsheathed her long dagger's and fully awakened her senses. She knew this area of the city quite well, spending much of her training within the decrepit part of the city. She felt the eyes of hidden killers lurking in the shadows. Watching her every move, and waiting for their chance. Artemis found herself wanting them to try, unlike in the city streets, this place only loved the thrill.

Parian was well known for a few things, the legendary Parian Archers, its history in the Rune War, and its beautiful buildings. Each crafted with the precision of a master crafter. Yet very few people knew about the underworld that lurked within the cities fifty foot walls. Acting as a central hub to the eastern Mainland black market, if you needed anything it was this place.

To the untrained eye the passage into this small city within Parian would go unnoticed. But Artemis knew the place well, the memories of her last visit sprung to mind and she wondered how she would be received. She let out a cold laugh and loosened her grip on her blades. She took several more turns before she found it. A group of three men, armored in fine black steel, stood together laughing amongst themselves. One of the guards, a man with a scraggly red beard, noticed Artemis first.

“Halt!” He said unsheathing his broadsword. The other men fell into the same line, each pulling out a sword and effectively blocking the narrow passage. Artemis smiled, trying to look innocent but she often confused it with her bloodthirsty grin. “Who the hell are you and what do you want.” Artemis advanced slowly, she twirled her twin daggers in her hand before slamming them back into their respective sheaths.

“Hello,” Artemis said casually. Her pace and walking habits changed into something of a seductive saunter. Ordinary guards would have lowered their defenses, but not these veterans of war.

“Stop right there!” The man with the red beard. Artemis ignored the guard and walked up and placed her hand on the side of his blade. She could sense the magic that flowed through it's spine.

“What will it take to let me pass?” Artemis whispered seductively.

“I-Well maybe if you were to lose the armor,” The man said, lowering his sword a bit. Artemis smiled. As her hands slowly unclasped her cloak and allowed it to fall to the ground. She then untied her leather armor and removed it slowly. Slowly piece by piece of her armor was removed until she was wearing nothing but her undershirt and slacks. She noticed that the men had lowered their defenses completely.

“What now?” Artemis said as her hands roamed her body, making the mens eyes follow in unison. To easy she thought. Her hand reached behind her back and her slender hand and grasped the hilt. With her free hand she slowly lifted her shirt up and in the span of a blink, Artemis pulled the small razor and pulled it across the throat of the guard in front of her. He gasped for air as his blood spilled to the ground. He stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. The other two guards raised the swords to attack, but they were to slow. Artemis fell to the ground, unsheathed her twin long daggers. She easily blocked and parried the guard on her right, the guard on her left attack was side stepped. She exchanged blows with the guards. Before too long her hands were in a flurry of action, each attack blocked, and countered. The guards shouted in protest as a single female obliterated Them. Soon enough, the two guards fell to the ground clutching their bloodied throats.

“What a brilliant way to start the day,” Artemis said as she began to dress. She wondered if it was necessary for her to have pulled that stunt, but quickly dismissed it as the last of the gurgling sounds of death passed her without notice. She bent down low over the guards, slowly roaming through their belongings. In total; 400 gold pieces, a clear bottle with a red substance in it, and a scroll. She slowly unraveled the scroll to reveal her face perfectly sketched. She unraveled it further and read:

Wanted: Artemis Long Daggers, take extreme caution. Reward: 10,000 Gold Pieces. She is wanted in the murders of: Lord Sazlyx of Silvest, Earl Valekna of New Royale, Ambassador Drelnt of Duremar.,

The list continued on, listing the more famous people she had killed over her bountiful career. She smiled to herself, and tore the scroll to pieces. She looked towards the entrance towards the Underground city and smiled. The entrance was a small building. As she pulled open the wooden door, she looked over her shoulder wondering if anyone would care if those three were dead. She laughed coldly and entered the building. The room was filled with old barrels, and at the center of the room was a trap door, a ladder. She bent down low as she tried to pull the hatch open, she frowned. She hated this part. She unsheathed one of her long daggers and admired the clean polished blade. She opened up her hand and placed the tip of the blade in the center. She rotated it slowly while applying enough pressure to draw blood. She pulled the dagger away and pressed her hand firmly against the trap door, and began to chant in a low tone. When finished she lifted the blade and placed it against her exposed wrist. Without hesitation she raised the edge up a few inches and quickly, and deeply, slashed her wrist open. She winced as she felt her blade's sting. Blood poured from her wound and on to the trap door. She could hear a small click and then with her good hand she opened the hatch with ease. She looked down at her wrist as it slowly began to blacken and rot away. She watched mesmerized as her slender hand became useless.
“I must really hate you,” she mumbled to herself before dropping down into the darkness.

Part 3
Artemis landing was silent, her titan scorpion boots absorbing the impact. The world around her was casted into darkness, obliterating all light. She looked up, at the closed hatch. She rubbed her rotting hand, and winced as the pain seared her body. Letting out a low curse, with her good hand she rummaged for the bottle with the red liquid. She pulled the cork stopper with her teeth and poured and began to swallow it all, devouring it all. The potion tasted sweet. As the healing potion was absorbed by her body she felt her hand heal. Although she couldn't see it, she could picture the reversing of the blackened hand. As her skin began to reknit itself, she moaned in agony.

When the healing was done she tossed the bottle over her shoulder. There was a brief sound of breaking glass. She then grabbed the rung of the ladder and turned her back on it. She then walked forward, her freshly healed hand leading the way. It wasn't long before her hand could feel the smooth stone wall. She began to move her hand across its surface, searching for the indentation. When her finger found it, she unsheathed one of her daggers and whispered a spell, one of the few she knew. “Engradix” the daggers surface began to glow a soft green. With the tip of the blade, she placed it against the indentation. For a moment the blade grew brighter, and then the light vanished. The sound of distant levers and wheels grinding somewhere in the distance blotted out all the sound together. Slowly the stone wall moved slowly sideways, revealing a wide passage.

Torches lined every twenty feet hung from the walls. She walked through the archway and into the passage. She paid no attention to the two guards standing idly by. She walked down the passage and made several turns. She knew this place like the back of her hand and she had no problem arriving at the final passage to enter the Underground City.

She came to a dead end, a single torch hunt in this part of the maze. She retrieved another bottle from her pouch. She swirled the magic water for a moment and then pulled the stopper and extinguished the magic flame. The place was casted into complete darkness, and her senses became more aware of the distant sounds of dripping water. She felt fear begin to gnaw at her insides. She scolded herself, how had she become so vulnerable? She replaced the torch in its hanger and twisted it sideways. It moved easily and again the grinding of wheels somewhere in the distance filled the air. Another passage opened up and she could see the underground city. Thieves, murderers, assassins, and every sort of filth that there was moved about. She entered the city, no one paid attention to her. It was best to keep to yourself or your party when venturing into the Parian Underworld.

The Underground City was a large cavern deep under the Parian City. Buildings very much like the ones above ground dominated the area. Similar merchant stands and stores were also dominant in the Underground. Unlike the stores and stands in the city above, most of them sold were dangerous artifacts or stolen goods. If you needed to find a poison, this was the place to come. Artemis ignored the stands and ignored the curious eyes she received. Compared to everyone else, she was poorly equipped, or at least thats what it appeared. While large warriors wore plate mail crafted from rare metals, Artemis preferred her titan leather armor, flexible, sturdy, and most of all light.

When Artemis arrived at a run down building, she rapidly knocked on the door four times, and then slowly three times. She could hear the occupant moving about, rearranging things as if to tidy up. Artemis grinned wondering what could he possibly be hiding. Finally the door cracked open, revealing a soft yellow light.

“Who is it!” and elderly voice barked.

“Artemis Long Daggers,” she whispered. The door flew open revealing an ancient looking man. His eyes were deeply set amongst a face covered in deep wrinkles. The old man stood hunched over as if he had a bad back. Despite his looks he was a legend amongst her kind, Dranax. He ran a hand through his thinning white hair and licked his lips.

“So it's true,” he said, his smile revealing several missing teeth. “Come in, come in.” Dranax moved out of the way. Artemis stepped into a crowded room, books upon books lined the walls and stacks filled the space. At the center of the room was a small table, with a scroll open.

“I like what you have done,” Artemis said sarcastically.

“You come here to insult an old man?” he frowned as he sat down at the table.

“Hardly,” Artemis said. “What do you know about the Black Cat?” Dranax body went rigid. He slowly removed the glasses from his face and placed them down on the table.

“The Black Cat?” He asked carefully, knowing it was a sensitive subject. “Nothing you don't already know I should think.”

“She should be dead, yet lives.” Artemis said, her normally controlled face growing a scared expression. “Why is she alive?” Dranax laughed, but regretted it. With a quick movements Artemis closed the space between them, her blades drawn and pressed tightly against his throat.

“Get arf me!” He snapped, “you couldn't kill her, what makes you think you can kill me?” Artemis withdrew her blades and applied just enough pressure to draw blood.

“She is alive because you under estimated her.” He frowned. He eyes Artemis carefully, knowing he walked a dangerous line. “How she survived is beyond me. Probably nursed back to health, but you could have figured this out. What are you really after?”

“I have a job,” Artemis said in a mater of fact sort of way. Dranax nodded to continue. “I saw her last night. I need to know why she is in Parian.”

“I hear she too has a job.” Dranax placed the glasses back on his nose.

“What kind of job?” Artemis demanded. “I need to know!”

“Do I look like her owner?” Dranax smiled as he spoke. “I hear she turned body guard, but thats all I know. Perhaps Mazrath knows.” Dranax laughed at Artemis's predicament.

“I can kill you...” Artemis threatened, but she knew it was an idle threat. Anger began to boil in her veins. “Where is he?” she said trying to control her anger.

“I wonder if its fate or coincidence, but he is in Parian.” Dranax rose from the table and turned his back on Artemis. He walked towards the book shelf behind him and pulled out a large leather bound book. “Well thats all I have, so either kill me or get the hell out.” Artemis considered thrusting her daggers into his back, but her mind quickly worked up a deathly scenario. Dranax did not turn his back on anyone, not unless he has something up his sleeve. Artemis left the building. She had come all the way here for nothing. Except to see Mazrath.
“Curse that damned fool.” She mumbled as she entered the busy streets of the Underworld.
Part 4

Artemis found Mazrath hours later enjoying the afternoon sun at an out door restaurant in Northern Parian. She hid in the distance, knowing just how delicate the situation is. She looked him over, and cursed under her breath. She could easily see his dual scimitars casually hanging from his hips. Despite his relaxed appearance, his light grey face revealed his sorrow. Artemis did not allow herself to pity him, never him. Inhaling deeply, the mixture of mouth watering meats filling her lungs, she quickly gathered her strength and slowly walked towards him.

It didn't take long before Mazrath noticed her. With a flurry of action he over turned the table in anger, the sounds of shattering glass ceramic plates filled the air for a brief second. Mazrath snarled in anger and disgust as he unsheathed is pure black scimitars.

“How dare you!” He shouted, ignoring the onlookers. A few guards moved closer in, each unsheathing their weapons. “I swore if I ever saw you...” he said, making the word you a curse. Artemis stayed calm, knowing if she gave into the anger she would regret it.

“I see Tazryl hasn't taught you any manners,” Artemis said, spitting out the name. “Can't we talk like rational people?” She said. Artemis eyes the guards, wondering how long before one of them recognizes her. She began to walk closer, hoping her reflexes would be fast enough, the image of their last encounter flew through her mind.

“What do you want?” Mazrath said at last.

“Have you seen the Black Cat?” Artemis said slowly, she hated to use the name. Her iced heart seared with pain. At the mention of the name, Mazrath closed the distance between them in a flash of an eye. The onlookers were perplexed to discover that the Night Elf they had been staring at had vanished. Artemis was quicker though, and both her long daggers were in her hands, ready to block any attack, but it never came. Artemis heard the sound of steal clashing on steal, and the shouting of the guards. But she was surprised to see someone in front of her. Mazrath was also stunned to see his mentor, Tazryl blocking his attacks. Both stood in deadlock as Mazrath had yet to realize he wasn't attacking Artemis.

“This is official Astari Guard business,” Tazryl shouted towards the guards. He ended the deadlock, and pulled a silver medallion with a crescent moon with six stars in an arch above, and two swords crossed below engraved on it. The guards recognized the insignia and lowered their weapons. “Now like adults, we shall discuss this.” he flashed his student a warning glance, and his ex-lover a deathly glare. Anger pulsing behind his mask. Artemis flinched and looked towards the ground. No matter how cold she became, he could always make her feel guilt. Tazryl sheathed his scimitar and fixed the table and chair. He sat down in the chair Mazrath had been moments ago, and carefully placed a grey rat skin on the table. Artemis allowed herself a brief smile at the skin. “Care to join me.” It wasn't a question, but a demand. Artemis sheathed her daggers, and sat down at the table. Mazrath followed suit, his eyes never leaving her.

“You need to learn to control your student,” Artemis said after a long pause.

“Like you handled yours?” Tazryl retorted. He glanced over to Mazrath, a pained expression on his face. “What business do you have with Mazrath?”

“What do you know about Black Cat?” Artemis said, not wanting to use her real name.

“She's dead, we both saw what happened.” Tazryl said angrily, yet his face remained controlled.

“She didn't die!” Mazrath shouted as he slammed his fist against the table. For the first time in a long time, tears sprouted from his eyes. “You stole her from me!” Artemis felt the dull throb of anger at her temples.

“I stole her from you?” She let out a cold laugh, “how dare you!” They both stood up in anger and disgust.

“Will you please both sit down?” again it wasn't a request, but a demand. “Is it true then? She is alive?” Tazryl asked. He ignored his students gasp and stared at Artemis. She turned her attention away from Mazrath and stared into his eyes, wondering how long had it been since they had stared lovingly like this.

“I saw her last night,” Artemis said slowly.

“If the stories are true, it must be frustrating to know she is a body guard now.” Tazryl laughed coldly, “Can't be good for the business.” Artemis imagined her blades sliding into his chest, but held back the urge to do so. “All I know is that she is guarding some ambassador's kid.” Tazryl stood up, picked up the rat skin. He gestured for his student to follow. Artemis sat their, still the guards and patrons of the restaurant continued to stare. She wanted the two Night Elves disappear. She entered a state of meditation, to cleanse herself of the anger, pain, and love she was feeling. When she left that state, she inhaled. Tonight, she would have to pull off the hit.

Part 5

People would remember the night years after its occurrence. As the rolling storm clouds began to block out the sky, Artemis was preparing her assault. Her mind knew she should be in and out within minutes. Every fiber of her being told her that it was best to remain like a shadow. Her heart wanted blood, her blades wanted blood, and so she would make the night legendary.
As large drops of water fell to the earth, creating muddy roads across the land, Artemis had already slipped into the large stone building. It had been designed as a small fortress; fully stocked it could protect against anything short of war machines. As Artemis crept from shadow to shadow, she could hear the rain pounding heavily as it mixed with idle conversation between the guards. Her heart ached with the thirst for blood, but she tamed it quickly. Not now she thought, eying the unsuspecting guards.

She scoured the each room, only to find it empty. A dull annoyance pounded dully at her temples, perhaps she had waited to long. When her search for the target covered the entire building, she cursed softly to herself. She knew the target was there, to many guards guarding nothing of value. She slid her two long daggers from their homes, she had hoped she would be in a more favorable place to start it.

She left the comfort of the shadows and walked freely down the corridors. Her first encounter with a group of guards was brief, yet satisfying. They made no attempt to apprehend her, they unsheathed their swords and ran in for the kill. She quickly threw her blades up in a X, catching it easily. They struggled for a moment, but finally she pushed his blade up, and with single kick to the chest the guard crumpled to the ground, gasping for breath. The second guard attacked with a flurry of movement, a novice would have thought he was hitting blindly, but Artemis recognized the technique used by the Chaotic Guild. Artemis smiled as she deflected each attack. The guard, in his inexperienced frenzy, stumbled forward when Artemis moved backwards. As the sword clashed with the stone floor, Artemis rushed forward and grabbed him by his steel helmet, and slammed her knee into his chin. He screamed out in agony, alerting the guards. By the time they would reach their brothers in arms, they found two fresh corpses, both throats freshly cut open.
As the alarm bell rang, Artemis was safely hidden in a bedroom on the other side of the complex. She felt the adrenaline of chaos pumping through her veins, and as she transformed from mild-mannered assassin to an agent of destruction she found herself savoring every last bit of it. When she regained her breath, she stepped out of the bedroom. She could hear the distant shouting of guards and guard captains. What she learned satisfied her greatly. The kid is in the lower levels below.

Artemis next encounter with a group of guards, this time four was less entertaining. She quietly walked up behind them, and with her blades slashed the throat of two. As the remaining two watched helplessly as their friends died, Artemis had already slipped her blades into the chest of the remaining guards. As the warm dark blood glistened in the torch light, Artemis felt more alive then she had in decades. Before she could disappear she saw something run past and stop at the end of the corridor. The Black Cat tilted her head to the side and blinked. She thought of throwing her dagger at it, but when she heard the footsteps of more soldiers she was forced to turn around and the Black Cat silently slipped out of view. Ten guards ran towards her. All but one wore the same uniform except one. He was in the back, wearing a black steel armor with a mountain carved in it.

“Oh joy,” Artemis said seductively, “looks like I get more play time before the final event.” The guards ignored her, and ran stupidly at her. She set her blades in a whirling fashion. The first guards two guards were caught by surprise as their swords were struck so hard, jarred their limbs and forced their only defense out of their hands. A thick spray of blood splattered against the wall as her twin long daggers sliced through their throat. The second group of soldiers were able to defend and even parry her attacks. Yet they too fell to the ground, grasping at their bleeding wounds.

“Stop!” The man in the black armor shouted as he unsheathed his sword. The guards immediately fell backwards. “I'll take care of this ant.” He said casually as if he were to about to beat sense into his subordinates. He twirled the blade around him, each step the blade went faster. Finally he stopped in his tracks, while the blade still swirling about him, he turned and slashed into the stone wall. The rain was silenced as the sword hit the wall. Artemis gripped her blades, she hadn't expected this. The wall exploded, sending pulverized stone into the air as dust. As the dust cleared, a large chunk of the wall had vanished, leaving a wide gaping wound. The guards cheered at their commanders show of strength.

“So?” Artemis said, trying to sound casual. Yet she felt the sweat gather at her brow, the hairs on the back of her neck stand. The man let out a large laugh.

“My name is Garlin Obliterator,” he shouted, “if my blade can do that to stone, what do you think it will do to a fragile female?” He laughed again. A mistake, she thought feeling the agent of destruction gather its wits. Artemis felt her body fully give into the chaos. Her own blades began to pick up momentum as the twirled around her, faster then the human could see, faster then what Garlin could hope to produce. Garlin quickly blocked the two spinning daggers and parried the attack, and countered with his own. Artemis parried and counted this attack, and as they exchanged blows they could feel the others brute strength. If her own blades had not been magic or made of talenite, hers would have long been turned to dust. Still she felt the strain on her daggers, wanting to cave into the mighty force. Yet she would not allow them.

“You fight well,” he said through gritted teeth, sweat pouring down his face. He swung his blade over his head and with great force he forced the blade in a downwards arc. Artemis blocked it with her blades in an X form. Although it blocked the attack, she was forced down to one knee. Garlin's scowl quickly turned to a grin as he saw victory close. Artemis struggled against the force of her enemy, she couldn't believe this. Her mind as it prepared for the inevitable death, dusted off a long forgotten memory.

Artemis was standing on a grassy hill in a long elegant green dress. A design in gold embroidery ran across the edges and hems of her dress. Her brown hair rested gently against her slim shoulders. A gentle breeze, carrying the scents of the world, passed her. She turned her head towards the rising sun and she felt her body invigorated as only a Light Elf knew. She remembered the day so clearly now.

“Artemis...” A voice whispered. Artemis turned her head, knowing who it was. It was Rose. Artemis tried to hide her smile as she looked at her former student. She was dressed in her battle armor, gore plastered across her breastplate. Yet the signs of battle were ignored, as her smiled distracted Artemis's eyes.

“You passed,” Artemis said pleased, “you're an official Soluri Guard.”

“I couldn't have done it without you.” Rose said as she began to take off her armor. When she had stripped down to only her undershirt and pants, she stood next to Artemis. Her auburn hair messy with blood. It had been the proudest moment in Her life... how had she forgotten it?
Artemis fought back the tears, fought back the pain, and she fought back against Garlin. Her mind snapped back to the present. In a long time she felt the long forgotten drive that once fueled her. With the image of Rose and herself standing on that hill, she pushed against Garlin's strength. The grin of victory on his face was slapped away as he realized Artemis was rising to her feet. Rising in victory.

Artemis gave one last heave against the sword and they broke contact. Artemis jumped backwards and entered an offensive stance. Garlin stood puzzled for a moment, unbelieving of what had happened. He gripped the hilt of his sword with both hands. He rushed towards Artemis. A sense of calm, a sense of control washed over her, and she ran straight for Garlin. At the last moment, as he began to raise his blade, Artemis gracefully sidestepped and quickly found herself behind Garlin. It took him a minute to realize what had happened. Unable to stop the momentum, he stumbled forward and his sword obliterated the door at the end of the hallway. Artemis turned her back on him. Before the guards could properly respond, she slashed each of their throats within seconds. For a moment, she admired the blood as it dripped carelessly from her blades.
Garlin turned around, his face red with frustration. As he saw his subordinates fall to the ground his face grew pale. Artemis turned to face him, and slowly and casually walked towards him. Again he rushed towards Artemis, and again she found herself behind him. To her this became a simple game. This time Garlin fell over his men. Cursing loudly he stood up again. This time, they exchanged blows and when he let down his guard, Artemis slid her long dagger into an exposed area, killing him. As the body fell to the floor, thunder roared in the sky above. The rain began to pound harder.


Sometimes, late at night, I sit here and I wonder. The things I wonder vary from night to night. Sometimes I wonder about the stars and other nights I wonder about what tomorrow will be like. But recently I have been wondering what my life would have been like without you...-Samantha Greene
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Re: The Black Cat: Parts 1-5

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